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Soraya Glass Votive

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Votive candle holders are a staple item in our collection, both at home and in our shops. We have them dotted around our space, on the bathroom vanity, atop books on our coffee table and of course, on the bedroom dresser. As the name would suggest, votive candles were once lit with the intention of honouring a personal, sacred vow. We suggest bringing this sentiment into your own home by filling your votive holder with a votive candle of your choosing and lighting it as a daily ritual to honour your day, your space and yourself. Crafted from timeless clear glass, the Soraya Glass Votive will diffuse a soft, warm light throughout your space. 

Material: Made from Glass

Care Instructions: Wash in mildly soapy water

Bringing the world home - Indigo Love Collectors travel the globe for precious pieces crafted by the expert hands of woodworkers and artisans so that you can bring their stories home into your own space.

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