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Brumby Sunstate
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Author: DK

Description: Attention trendy millennials and city dwellers! Ginspiration is here to be your guide to one of the UK's favourite drinks.Find out how to properly serve and taste gin, what flavours to look out for, and even how to infuse your own. Learn how to reinvent classic cocktails, like the Martini and Gin Fizz, and try spectacular recipes from the mind of award-winning mixology maestro Klaus Rainer. This stylish book also explains the science behind gin and features an alphabetical breakdown of global suppliers of the spirit.Perfect for gin aficionados and aspiring mixologists alike, Ginspiration is the only book you'll need, combining comprehensive information on the drink with unique cocktail recipes.


ISBN: 9780241332559

Dimensions: 19.5 and 15 cm

Publish Date: 30/10/2017

Page Count: 144