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Big Tassel Drop Earring Dreaming

Big Tassel Drop Earring Dreaming

Moe Moe Design
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These shoulder-dusters are a statement and a half: 

the tassels are exactly a metric half-statement long... and that's a legitimate measurement, right? Make the most of our trademark design and the clever versatility of these earrings by flipping the hook to the other side and voila, your earrings are now a subtle, brushed silver.


part of our Miimi and Jiinda Dreaming / Yuludala range, the Gumbayngirr word for Dreaming): Everything was created by our spirit ancestors back in the dreaming the land, seas, human life and animals...

reversible aluminium panels have artwork on one side and sleek brushed silver on the other - choose which way to wear them!

small, super soft, black nylon tassel with gold cap

sterling silver short hooks

Big Tassel Drops are a brand new addition to our range

12cm long including hook, 2cm wide

8.6  grams each

Australian Made on the Gold Coast