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Banjarans Nude Sandals
Banjarans Nude Sandals
Banjarans Nude Sandals

Banjarans Nude Sandals

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Banjarans sandals are made from high quality bufallo leather and are hand stitched, by local artisans throughout India, who work through an ancient process of production over a period of three or four days. Each pair of sandals tells a story of craft and toil, often showing the idiosyncratic marks of their maker.

We have taken inspiration from a 13th century design and have modified it to make it more comfortable, stylish and better suited to the Australian way of life. We have added more padding on the sole and rubber on the bottom so that our sandals are comfortable on the feet, and don’t make you slip when you walk in the rain.

Made without the use of industrial machinery, our sandals support a small group of artisans, who embody long forgotten principles of individuality, integrity, and honesty. And most importantly, Banjarans sandals are made with an air of grace and style – an ode to 13th century India and an embodiment of our lives in the 21st century, on the beach, on the streets, and at home.

Being made from unprocessed leather, Banjarans sandals may feel stiff the first time you wear them, however will soften with each wear and contour to your feet for extreme comfort. They usually take 1-2  days to wear in and after that they will be incredibly comfortable.So comfortable, you won’t want to take them off!

As they are handmade, some markings and variations in colour may be seen. These are not considered flaws but proof that your sandals have been made by  hand.