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101 Things To Do Instead of Playing on Your Phone

101 Things To Do Instead of Playing on Your Phone

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Author: Heinemann, Ilka

Description: Have you ever found yourself mindlessly checking your phone for updates, or playing some pointless game? In fact, do you ever do anything else, when on the bus or on the train, than sit glued to the screen? Research shows that the average person spends 23 days a year wasting time on their mobile phone. That's four years of your life!..In 101 Things to Do Instead of Playing on Your Phone, Ilka Heinemann has devised an imaginative list of alternative activities to cure us of our portable tech addiction. These are more than mere time-killers - they are ways to unleash your creative side, to learn facts or train your brain; some will even set you on the road to happiness and mindfulness...

Publisher: Allen & Unwin Agencies

ISBN: 9781780722467

Dimensions: 17.8 and 11.5 cm

Publish Date: 1/12/2015

Page Count: 128