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Small Bell Drop Earring Flossy

Small Bell Drop Earring Flossy

Moe Moe Design
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Small Bell Drops are like mini canvases dangling from your ears! By flipping the hook to the other side, you get a sleek brushed silver look. One set, two styles! You’ll look stunning wearing these little pieces of art. 


small yet striking 

taken from Kate Mayes original art titled Floss, the Flossy range is all about leafy reds, pinks and mustards, all painted together in perfect colour palette harmony 

reversible silver alloy panels with artwork on one side and sleek brushed silver on the other, you can ever layer them with your other Moe Moe earrings 

sterling silver hooks 

2.2 cm long including hook, 1.9 cm wide 

2 grams each 

Australian Made on the Gold Coast